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In Wing Chun, we use sashes to show the various levels of our students. There are four coloured sashes, each with four levels between. The colours are Red, Green, Brown and Black. Each time you successfully grade you will receive a certificate and progress to the next level. Each level will also comprise of theory and application work that will need to be demonstrated along with the forms.

Sil Lim Tau level

Red 1 - section 1 of Sil Lim Tau

Red 2 - section 2 of Sil Lim Tau

Red 3 - section 3 of Sil Lim Tau

Red 4 - entire Sil Lim Tau

Chum Kiu level

Green 1 - section 1 of Chum Kiu

Green 2 - section 2 of Chum Kiu

Green 3 - section 3 of Chum Kiu

Green 4- entire Chum Kiu

Biu Gee level 

Brown 1 - section 1 of Biu Gee

Brown 2 - section 2 of Biu Gee

Brown 3 - section 3 of Biu Gee 

Brown 4 - entire Biu Gee

Instructor level - Sifu

Black 1 - Muk Yan Jong

Black 2 - Luk Dim Boon Kwun

Black 3 - Baat Cham Dao

Black 4 - Sifu

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