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Meet the instructors
Sifu Chris Moore

Sifu Chris has studied Wing Chun Kung Fu for many years and started teaching in 2014. He has worked with various Wing Chun Masters and Grandmasters to understand both the internal and external elements of Wing Chun and to perfect his skills as a Martial Artist. Chris currently trains under Sifu Samuel Kwok, who was trained directly by Ip Mans sons.

"A martial art such as Wing Chun is very much about the mental side of training, as it is the physical side. It's my belief that the theory / knowledge behind the system changes very little, but the physical side is highly changeable and becomes your own interpretation of the system." 

Sifu Chris opened Cobra Wing Chun with some loyal students in January 2017, their main focus being to preserve the martial art by learning and passing on knowledge, and to create a friendly and safe environment to train. He is the Chief Instructor and one of the founders of the Cobra Martial Arts Association.

Head Instructor Lee Dady
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Instructor Sihing Tristan Ryder
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